Tome of the Dark Lord: 5. The Tome of the Dark Lord (пустая заготовка для квеста)

The Tome of the Dark Lord

This quest or event is currently not implemented.
If it becomes available again, this notice will be removed.
The Tome of the Dark Lord
Base Level:  50
Item(s) (Consumed):  1 Sapphire, 5 Crystal Blue, 3 Star Dust, 1 Vermilion on the Beach, 5 Honey, 10+ Live Coal, 1 Green Salad, 5 Flame Heart, 5 Mystic Frozen, 5 Great Nature, 1 Dragon Canine, 250 Sticky Poison; 10 Broken Sword, 25 Tough Vines; 2 Mixture, 2 Scarlet Dyestuff, 100 Solid Shell, 10 Elunium -OR- 50 Fabric, 3 Skirt of Virgin, 10 Broken Needle, 30 Witch Starsand -OR- 50 Flower, 5 Illusion Flower, 5 Ment, 30 Empty Bottle -OR- 3 Rouge, 3 Scarlet Dyestuff, 2 Violet Dyestuffs, 1 White Dyestuffs; 1 Torn Magic Book, 5 Worn-Out Magic Scroll, 25 Mould Powder, 25 Yellow Gemstone, 1 Vermilion on the Beach;
Item(s) (Not Consumed):  1 Mr. Smile; 1 Chef King Orleans Vol.1 -OR- 1 Kafra Legend Vol.1; 1 Level 4 Weapon
Hunting:  30 Megalodon, 10 Mantis; 20 (Instanced) Isilla, 20 (Instanced) Vanberk, 20 (Instanced) Pasana, 10 (Instanced) Echio, 10 (Instanced) Agav, 1 (Instanced) Pharaoh; 50 Horong
Quest Prerequisite(s): Rekenber's Weapon
Base Experience:  6,000,000 (VIP)
4,000,000 (Non-VIP)
Job Experience:  4,500,000 (VIP)
3,000,000 (Non-VIP)
Item(s):  10 Blue Gemstone, 1 Tome of the Dark Lord (Accessory)
This page is a placeholder. Rewards and item requirements may not be correct when the quest is implemented.
Red: Kazien's Path
Green: Lyozien's Path
Purple: Anvian's Path
So no, you will not have to hunt all of these items; only the ones in the path you take (unless you fail the path, in which case you must try another)!

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