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639Armlet of Obedience
621Bitter Herb
642Book of the Devil
12373Boy's Pure Heart
12365Charming Lotus
12340Chewy Rice Powder
641Contract in Shadow
631Deadly Noxious Herb
12361Delicious Shaved Ice
630Dew Laden Moss
623Earthworm the Dude
12358Fan Of Wind
632Fatty Chubby Earthworm
12363Fit Pipe
14570Flail Goblin Ring
660Forbidden Red Candle
12366Girl's Doll
12370Girl's Naivety
14571Hammer Goblin Ring
12372Hell Contract
659Her Heart
14572Holy Marble
12374Ice Fireworks
14569Knife Goblin Ring
12408Leaf Cat Ball
12367Luxury Whisky Bottle
12371Magical Lithography
626Monster Juice
636No Recipient
12369Oilpalm Coconut
637Old Broom
620Orange Juice
635Orc Trophy
622Rainbow Carrot
14573Red Burning Stone
624Rotten Fish
625Rusty Iron
640Shining Stone
12357Shiny Wing Gown
638Silver Knife of Chastity
629Singing Flower
661Soft Apron
12368Splendid Mirror
12364Staff Of Leader
12225Sweet Candy Cane
627Sweet Milk
633Sweet Potato
12395Tantan Noodle
634Tropical Banana
619Unripe Apple
14574Vagabond's Skull
12360Very Red Juice
12359Very Soft Plant
628Well-Dried Bone
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