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4219Sage Worm CardAdd a chance of gaining a Gemstone each time a monster is killed.
4429Salamander CardInflict 40% more damage with Fire Pillar and Meteor Storm.
4263Samurai Spector CardIgnore normal monster's defense when attacking.
Reduces natural HP recovery by 100% and drain 666 HP every 10 seconds.
Drain 999 HP as the weapon is unequipped.
4101Sandman CardEnchant Armors with the Earth Property.
DEF + 1
4005Santa Poring CardIncrease damage of attacks inflicted on Shadow Property by 20%.
4216Sasquatch CardAdd a 6% chance of freezing on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.
4017Savage Babe CardCauses Stun effect to enemies by 5% chance.
4078Savage CardVIT + 3
4068Scorpion CardIncrease damage on Plant monster by 20%.
4130Scorpion King CardIncrease damage on Undead monster by 20%.
4312Seal CardКарта из сета: [Enchanted Peach Tree / Geographer / Rideword / Cookie / Seal]
HIT + 10
Flee Rate + 3
[Acolyte Class]
Critical Rate + 9 on Demon and Undead monster.
[Geographer & Rideword & Enchanted Peach Tree & Cookie Card Combo]
4326Sea-Otter CardAdd a chance of gaining 'Sushi' or 'Raw Fish' each time a Fish monster is killed.
Sushi and Raw Fish items restore 50% more HP.
4414Seeker CardMDEF + 10
Enables use of Level 1 Stone Curse.
Increase resistance to Stone Curse status by 30%.
4358Seyren Windsor CardSTR - 6
Increase STR by an amount equal to the refine rate of the equipment this card is compound on.
4273Shell Fish CardInflict 30% more damage on Crabs.
ATK + 5
[Crab & Aster Card Combo]
4230Shinobi CardAGI + 1
Add a 10% chance of auto casting Level 5 Cloaking on the user when the user receives Physical Damage.
If you equip this without learning Level 3 Cloaking or higher, it only activates when you are next to the wall.
[Wanderer & The Paper & Wild Rose & Dancing Dragon Card Combo]
4117Sidewinder CardCauses Double Attack by 5% chance.
If character has learned Double Attack, this card won't take effect.
4416Siroma CardReduce Casting Time of Cold Bolt by 25%. Inflict 25% more damage with Cold Bolt.
4406Skeggiold CardWhenever you do a Magical attack, 2% additional damage vs. Demon-type enemies.
4025Skeleton CardATK + 10
Causes Stun effect to enemies by 2% chance.
[Skeleton Prisoner Card Combo]
4221Skeleton General CardReceive 10% more Experience Points from Insect monsters.
Receive 20% more damage from Insect monster.
4222Skeleton Prisoner CardAdd a 3% chance of auto casting 'Sleep' on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.
[+ Skeleton]
'Sleep' chance increases to 9%.
4092Skeleton Worker CardIncrease damage inflicted on Medium size monster by 15%.
ATK + 5
4404Skogul CardAdd a 30% chance of auto casting External Bleeding on an enemy and yourself when the user receives Physical Damage.
4158Sky Deleter CardReduces natural HP recovery by 100%.
Gain 100 HP each time an enemy is killed by a Physical Melee Damage.
4120Sky Petite CardReduce damage from Dragon monster by 30%.
4228Sleeper CardEvery time you kill a Fish monster, you can receive a "Box of Drowsiness".
4044Smokie CardEnables use of Level 1 Hiding.
4037Snake CardPoison an enemy when you attack (Success Chance 5%).
ATK + 5
4367Sniper CardReduces HP recovery by 100%.
Add a 5% chance of gaining 20% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack.
4415Snowier CardAdd a low chance of gaining Ice Cream when a monster gets killed.
Ice Cream recovery rate + 100%.
4100Sohee CardMaximum SP + 15%
SP Recovery + 3%
4059Soldier Andre CardReduce damage from Plant monster by 30%.
4086Soldier Skeleton CardCritical Rate + 9%
4220Solider CardDEF + 2
MDEF + 2
[Assaulter & Permeter & Freezer & Heater Card Combo]
4801SP+100SP + 100
4802SP+150SP + 150
4800SP+50SP + 50
4022Spore CardVIT + 2
4227Spring Rabbit CardAdd a chance of gaining 'Meat' or 'Monster's Feed' each time a Brute monster is killed.
'Meat' and 'Monster's Feed' restore 50% more HP.
4039Stainer CardIncrease resistance to Silence status by 20%.
DEF + 1
4223Stalactic Golem CardDEF + 1
Add a 20% resistance against Stun.
4424Stapo CardEnables use of Level 1 Pick Stone and Level 1 Throw Stone.
4042Steel Chonchon CardDEF + 2
Increase resistance to Wind Property attacks by 10%.
4224Stem Worm CardEvery time you kill a Brute monster, you can receive a "Box of Storms".
4226Sting CardDEF + 2
[Refine Rate 9~10]
MDEF + 5
4225Stone Shooter CardHIT + 10
ATK + 10
4318Stormy Knight CardAdd a 2% chance of auto casting Level 2 Storm Gust on the enemy when attacking.
Has 20% chance of Freezing an enemy when attacking.
4700STR+1STR + 1
4709STR+10STR + 10
4701STR+2STR + 2
4702STR+3STR + 3
4703STR+4STR + 4
4704STR+5STR + 5
4705STR+6STR + 6
4706STR+7STR + 7
4707STR+8STR + 8
4708STR+9STR + 9
4111Strouf CardIncrease damage on Demon monster by 20%.
4218Succubus CardVIT - 3
Maximum HP + 1000
HP Recovery - 20%
[+ Incubus]
VIT + 4
HP Recovery + 30%
4427Sword Guardian CardCritical Rate + 5, HIT + 5
Increases Bowling Bash damage with an one hand or two handed sword by 25%.
4089Swordfish CardEnchant Armors with the Water Property.
DEF + 1
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