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4083Rafflesia CardReduce damage from Fish monster by 30%.
4436Ragged Zombie CardДобавляет +5 к критической атаке на DemiHuman монстров. Увеличение физического или магического урона на 1%. Каждый раз при атаке существует шанс нанести статус "External Bleeding" на врага. При одновременном использовании с [Zombie Slaughter Card], вы получаете 2 SP при убийстве DemiHuman монстров. (Add a Critical Rate + 5 to the DemiHuman monster when attacking.
Increase Physical or Magical Damage by 1%.
Every time you attack, small chance to cause External Bleeding status ailment.
[+ Zombie Slaughter]
Gain 2 SP every killing a DemiHuman monster).
4186Raggler CardSTR + 1
VIT + 1
[Zipper Bear & Hylozoist & Myst Case & Baby Leopard Card Combo]
4407Randgris CardAdd a 1% chance of auto casting Level 1 Dispell when attacking.
Make a weapon indestructible (except in upgrade attempts).
Increases Physical Attack Strength by 10%.
4187Raydric Archer CardEvery time you kill a Demon monster, you can receive a "Box of Resentment".
4133Raydric CardIncrease resistance to Neutral Property attacks by 20%.
4380Red Ferus CardInflict 5% more damage with Fire Pillar and Meteor Storm.
-50 SP when unequipped.
4383Red Novus CardAdd a 30% chance of auto casting 'Confusion' on an enemy and yourself when the user receives Physical Damage.
4353Remover CardMaximum HP + 800, decreases with the Refine Rate.
HP Recovery + 10%
4104Requiem CardCauses Confusion on an enemy when you attack (Success Chance 5%).
4185Rideword CardКарта из сета: [Enchanted Peach Tree / Geographer / Rideword / Cookie / Seal]
INT + 1
[Acolyte Class]
INT + 1
MDEF + 1
[Geographer & Enchanted Peach Tree & Cookie & Seal Card Combo]
4021Rocker CardDEX + 1
ATK + 5
[Vocal Card Combo]
4014Roda Frog CardMaximum HP + 400
Maximum SP + 50
[Toad Card Combo]
4192Rotar Zairo CardInflict 10% more damage with Critical attacks.
Critical Rate + 7 on Fish monster.
4422Roween CardFlee Rate + 5, Perfect Dodge + 3
Increase damage on Water Property enemies by 10%.
Add a Critical Rate + 15 to the Fish monster.
4342RSX-0806 CardCan not be knocked back.
VIT + 3
Make an armor indestructible (except in upgrade attempts).
4194Rybio CardAdd a 3% chance of auto casting Stun on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.
[Base Dexterity >= 77]
Add a chance of auto casting Stun is increased to 9%.
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