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4063Caramel CardIncrease damage on Insect monster by 20%.
4288Carat CardINT + 2
[Refine Rate 9~10]
Maximum SP + 150
4290Cat O' Nine Tails CardReflect single target Magic back at the caster (Success Chance 5%).
MDEF + 3
4289Caterpillar CardGain 5 SP each time a Plant monster is killed by a Physical Melee Damage.
Drain 5 SP as the weapon is unequipped.
4368Cecil Damon CardHIT - 30
Increases Attack Speed by 5%.
4447Centipede CardDecreases damage from Poison Property by 20%.
Increases damage dealing to Poison Property by 5%.
4452Centipede Larva CardINT + 1, MATK + 3.
4284Chepet CardAdd a 5% chance of auto casting Level 5 Heal on the enemy when attacking.
4300Chimera CardAdd a 3% chance of auto casting Poison on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.
[Assassin, Assassin Cross]
Poison chance increases to 9%.
4285Choco CardPerfect Dodge + 5
Flee Rate + 10
4009Chonchon CardAGI + 1
Flee Rate + 2
[Dragon Fly Card Combo]
4235Christmas Cookie CardReceive 10% more Experience Points from Angel monsters.
Receive 20% more damage from Angel monster.
4299Clock CardAdd a 3% chance of auto casting Level 3 Auto Guard on the user when the user receives Physical Damage.
If the user has mastered the skill at Level 10, it will cast Level 10 Auto Guard.
[Clock Tower Manager & Alarm & Punk Card Combo]
4262Cloud Hermit CardEvery time you kill a Plant monster, you can receive a "Box of Gloom".
4041Coco CardIncrease resistance to Sleep status by 20%.
DEF + 1
4804Coluceo Heal30Reduces the SP cost of Coluceo Heal by 30.
4015Condor CardFlee Rate + 10
4293Cookie CardУдача +2. Увеличивает урон, наносимый умением "Holy Light" на 10%.
Карта из сета: [Enchanted Peach Tree / Geographer / Rideword / Cookie / Seal]
(LUK + 2. Inflict 10% more damage with Holy Light).
[Geographer & Rideword & Enchanted Peach Tree & Seal Card Combo]
4448Cornus CardDecreases damage from Holy Property by 20%.
Increases damage dealing to Holy Property by 5%.
4061Cornutus CardMake an armor indestructible (except in upgrade attempts).
DEF + 1
4153Crab CardInflict 30% more damage on Asters.
ATK + 5
[+ Shell Fish & Aster]
Inflict 30% more damage on Water Property enemies.
30% chance of gaining 'Raw Fish' item each time a Fish monster is killed.
4296Cramp CardAdd a 1% chance of gaining a certain amount of Zeny each time a monster is killed.
[+ Tarou]
STR + 3
4040Creamy CardEnables use of Level 1 Teleportation.
4298Creamy Fear CardAdd a 6% chance of auto casting 'Confusion' on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.
4764CRI+5CRI + 5
4765CRI+7CRI + 7
4297Cruiser CardInflict 10% more damage with Critical attacks.
Critical Rate + 7 on Brute monster.
[Anolian & Alligator & Merman & Dragon Tail Card Combo]
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